Events & conferences


Being one of the very few bilingual comics in Canada, Sylvain may act as an emcee, a performer and/or host speaker in both Canada’s official languages. Able to fluently switch back and forth from English to French, he can adapt his speech to bilingual audiences. This peculiarity makes him an ideal choice to entertain all audiences in all possible contexts such as Galas, Award nights, Yearly kick-offs, etc.

As a guest speaker, Sylvain also offers his lecture “Comedy inc”, a conference that aims to highlight the importance of humor and the tools needed to integrate it into a company. Your team will learn and laugh all the way through his presentation; therefore, your whole organization will benefit from it.

Here is a list of satisfied clients.
Managers’ Golf Tournament / Jean Coutu Pharmacy
Purolators Award Gala / Purolator Sales Meetings
Funding gala / The Royal Victoria Hospital
Toronto Award winner / Sensix
Gala des Prix Émergences / Regroupement des diplômé-es de l’UQAM
Star Tour / Yuk Yuk’s, Star Choice, The Comedy Network


After 30 years performing as a bilingual comic, writer, and host speaker, this University of Montreal business graduate (B. Comm., Marketing / management) and creative writing teacher at the National Comedy School, who also won 7 prestigious “Olivier” trophies and a Gemini award for his work in comedy, has now decided to share his unique set of experiences with the business world via his entertaining and informative lecture: “Comedy inc.”.

 How so?  By giving the members of your organization a “comedy toolkit”.

After assisting to his lecture, you will realize how comedy is a powerful way, accessible to all, to increase efficiency on all levels of your business. 

When well utilized, comedy can be used to minimize the impact of bad news; to boost the morale of your troops; to improve team spirit as well as to reinforce relationships with both your customers and business partners.  It will also, of course, help you extend your networking.

Shared laughter is instant complicity between humans and puts you on the fast lane to generating trust.

“Laughter is the shortest distance between people                                                                                   -Victor Borge

… and all this requires no investment in equipment or infrastructures.

Sylvain will explain how he came to realize that the power of comedy as a tool, has changed his life and he will demonstrate ways to use the comedic potential that sleeps in all of us, even those who don’t think had it in themselves.

  • Sylvain’s lectures as well as his comedic performances may be adapted to any of your needs.
  • He will make himself available to meet the customers and event organizers to customize the show.
  • Shows can be performed in english or fully bilingual.
  • Duration can be adjusted between 30 to 90 minutes

Here are a few of the points that will be discussed in “Comedy inc.”:

  • Laughter for personal growth (personal experiences).
  • The importance of laughter.
  • Establishing trust.
  • Comedy as a remedy to social problems in organizations.
  • Laughter as a facilitator, a commercial catalyst.
  • How comedy is used to lighten the burden of delivering bad news.
  • Contagious motivation in building team spirit through solidarity.
  • Generating comedic ideas and concepts, 
  • Classis joke formulas.
  • Adapting to interlocutors.